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Egg Donors Talk About Their Experience

egg donor experience

In Their Own Words: Egg Donors Talk About their Experience Donating to MyEggBank at IVF New England

"Being an egg donor was a great experience! MyEggBank staff takes great care of each individual and is available for any and all questions or concerns along the way. I feel as if I was adopted into a family. Once the process was complete, I knew I had fulfilled my small part in helping a couple make their dreams come true. It's a great feeling!"
"I'm glad to know that I've helped someone else and helped myself at the same time. Going through the egg donation program has opened my eyes to appreciating what I have. I used to take for granted the fact that I am young and healthy. Now I am thankful that I am! Being healthy brought me the opportunity to help others in a way that many young women could help, but few follow through. Not only did I help, but the compensation was great! And, MyEggBank at IVF New England's referral program provides extra compensation for referring friends."
"Becoming an egg donor changed my life. I was honored to be a part of something so special. It was my chance to help give someone their miracle. The staff is wonderful and treated me like a guest of honor throughout the entire process. I will always treasure the memory of my experience as an egg donor."

"Staff is very professional, caring and happy. Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable with the donation process. I am not going to lie- it wasn't the easiest thing I have ever done, but the crampish-ish type of pain was easy compared to the emotional pain of a woman that might not be able to conceive with my or your help. Once this donation cycle is finished, I will have donated for the sixth time. The compensation that I have received has helped with many things- school, small debt, a vehicle, etc. Not only do I feel good about the very small sacrifice I've made to help others, but I've been treated wonderfully and compensated well."

If you believe you meet the requirements for MyEggBank at IVF New England you can begin the MyEggBank registration and application process with this link.