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RSC New England is now IVF New England (read more)

New Hampshire Fertility and IVF Clinics

Award-winning New Hampshire Fertility and IVF Clinics have been helping build healthy families for 25 years.

IVF New England has two locations in New Hampshire.

18 Constitution Drive, Suite 2, Bedford, NH (get directions)

875 Greenland Road, Suite B11, Portsmouth, NH  (get directions)
800 858-4832   

IVF New England is the exclusive provider in New Hampshire of a refund guarantee program, Attain IVF. There is also an Attain Multi-Cycle Discount program available to everyone regardless of age and/or medical condition. IVF New England in Bedford and Portsmouth is the New Hampshire fertility authority and can help you find solutions to your fertility challenges.

Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Kristen Wright helps women and men in New Hampshire find solutions to fertility challenges. “There is no greater joy than being a parent. Unfortunately, infertility can postpone, and sometimes prevent, this experience for many. The journey through fertility treatment can be highly stressful. My approach is to evaluate each patient or couple individually and work to optimize care for the whole person supportively and compassionately with a high degree of personal interaction. I love my work and I look forward to helping those challenged by infertility become parents.”

Bedford Services:

  • New patient and follow-up visits, IVF consultations
  • Ultrasound monitoring (by appointment)
  • Blood work (Mon-Friday, 7:30 – 8:30 AM)
  • Sonohysterogram
  • Ob Ultrasound

Portsmouth Services:

  • New patient and follow-up visits, IVF consultations  

IVF New England is recognized as an IVF Center of Excellence by OptumHealth and the Aetna Institute.