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New Patient Packet

welcome New Patient 

Important Items to Prepare for Your Appointment with Your Physician:

  1. Please review the following consent forms: HIPAA, Understanding Your Insurance Benefits, and Email Correspondence.

    If your appointment is at our Lexington, Quincy, and Providence, RI centers, you will be asked to sign these consents electronically when you arrive at our center. You do not need to bring the forms with you. 

    For appointments at all other locations: please print, sign, and bring these consent forms with you to the appointment.

  1. It is important to complete your medical profile via our Online Patient Portal and send copies of your pertinent Medical Records to us so that your physician can review them in preparation of your consult (At least 7 days prior to your appointment).  Please call us at 781.674.1200 to speak with our Patient Services team if you need assistance with access to our Online Portal. 

  1. Methods of sending your medical records to us:

    Email: Please click here to review, sign and return the Email Correspondence Consent to us if you wish to send us your records via email. Consents and Records can be emailed to

    Mail/Fax: If your appointment is with Dr Luzzo in Providence, North Dartmouth or Rayhnam, MA, mail or fax to:

Attention: Medical Records Department
IVF New England at the Providence Fertility Center
49 Seekonk Road
Providence, RI 02906
Fax: (401) 369-7704 

For appointments at all other IVF New England locations, including New Hampshire, mail or fax to:

Attention: Medical Records Department
IVF New England
450 Bedford Street, Ste 1000
Lexington, MA 02420
Fax: 781.674.1520


Useful New Patient Information

  • New Patient Handbook 
  • Guide to Insurance Coverage 
    Note: We advise you to go to your insurance provider’s website/ call your insurance provider to get a copy of your insurance policy, which should describe your coverage in detail. 
  • IVF New England is now partnered with Boston IVF.  Your insurance provider may have us listed as Boston IVF.
  • IVF New England Success Rates
  • Directions to IVF New England Locations


Genetic Disease Testing

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Medical Geneticists recommend routine screening for certain genetic diseases. Please find below an introduction to genetic testing as well as the specific indications for which testing is done.