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IVF New England Fertility Experts

IVF New England fertility treatment team

Meet Our Fertility Experts

IVF New England fertility experts use a team approach to provide 365 days a year patient care. Each of our Reproductive Endocrinologists has his or her own nursing team dedicated to communication with and care of patients. An embryology specialist is also part of each physician’s team. Each patient’s team is available to answer questions and also initiates calls to go over treatment plans as the process evolves. For the benefit of patients in Boston and throughout New England, the IVF New England IVF Center in Lexington, MA is open 365 days a year for clinical care. When your body is ready for treatment, so are we. Also, a doctor and nurse are on-call 24/7 for emergencies.

IVF New England patients describe the effectiveness of our team approach best:

"My treatment at IVF New England wouldn't have been the same without my doctor's nurse. She always took the time to listen and answer every question, even if I had already asked the same question before. Her assistance made my experience easy to handle and understand."

“I appreciate the accessibility of all members of IVF New England. I'm not afraid to pick up the phone or shoot an email to my doctor, the Embryology Lab Director, or my team nurse. I am impressed at their level of commitment to my care."

 ”Staff always took time in educating us so when we left the facility without instructions we were comfortable. When I ran into a couple of complications after the embryo transfer, the on-call staff was outstanding, knowledgeable and quick to respond to our needs."

"I was an over-anxious, frequently calling patient, but not once did I get the feeling that I was being annoying. The nurses who returned my calls were always kind, polite and reassuring about my concerns."

"This process can be very overwhelming.  But, the doctors and nurses took away any anxiety. My questions were always answered, no matter how trivial!  Our nurse was unbelievable!  She was always helpful and compassionate and I never felt rushed when I talked with her."

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