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Fertility Nursing Team

Nursing teams at IVF New England

Nursing professionals are a vital part of every health care specialty including fertility treatment.

At IVF New England, physicians create your treatment plan and work with their fertility nursing team to guide, instruct and care for patients through the day-to-day tasks involved in diagnosis and treatment.

Depending on each patient’s condition and needs, the treatment path can take anywhere from a few clinic appointments to several months of regular contact with the nursing team by phone and in person.

Our nurses become our patients’ primary caregivers. IVF New England employs specially-trained fertility nurses providing superior expertise and compassion. Nursing teams at IVF New EnglandIn addition to educating patients about all aspects of the treatment process:

• Nurses coordinate scheduling for tests, procedures, and follow-up appointments.

• Nurses consult with IVF New England physicians about optimal ways to carry out treatment protocols

• Nurses assist in various procedures
• Nurses are patient advocates