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Patient Satisfaction Surveys Consistently Give IVF New England Very High Marks

Patient satisfaction is highly valued at IVF New England.

Patient feedback is very important at IVF New England. Independent survey feedback consistently indicates IVF New England patients are highly satisfied with the care they receive at IVF New England, and you can read many patient stories, testimonials and words of appreciation on our Facebook page. Below are a few comments from survey responses:

"I felt like staff was very knowledgeable. I feel the teamwork between the doctor, nurses, and other members is great. When I call the office I feel very comfortable talking to the staff about my issues."

"Dealing with IVF New England has been amazing! Everyone has been awesome and great to work with!"

"Both doctor and nursing staff were unbelievably friendly and helpful."

"I am grateful for the amount of time both the doctor and nursing staff spent with us. They were patient, kind, and understanding and were available to answer any questions we had."

We take patient feedback seriously

At IVF New England we use an independent organization (Bivarus) to survey our patients for honest, candid feedback about their experience with our facility and staff.

Satisfaction is deliberately measured following our patients’ first appointment and completion of procedures (IUI and IVF). Rankings range from 1 (poor) to 5 (very good). Our goal, of course, is to “Strive for 5”! We are proud that our scores on more than 20 key performance indicators range from 93% to 97% of reaching that goal!

We are very interested in hearing about the areas in which patients tell us we need improvement. This information is taken seriously and we develop specific action plans to address quality improvement whenever and wherever we can.