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IVF New England's Formula For Success

IVF New England has the right formula for a successful pregnancy! 

At IVF New England we have developed a formula that enables us to increase the odds of success for each couple. We are very proud of our strong record of success for pregnancy, live births, and single embryo transfers, as well as our outstanding patient satisfaction ratings.

IVF New England is an accredited healthcare practice. We specialize in treating women and men challenged by infertility with the most advanced treatments available in the field of reproductive medicine.

There are many ways to measure and compare fertility treatment success. Often, published success rates are misunderstood and, sometimes, misleading. For couples entering assisted reproductive technology (ART), the percentage of patients who take home a baby is most important.

Leading Pregnancy and Live Birth Rates Amongst New England IVF Centers

IVF success depends first on a couple’s chance of conception. This is influenced by many factors including most importantly age, diagnosis, years of infertility, egg quality, and the extent of prior testing and treatment. Secondly, the diversity within IVF centers impacts success. Clinics employ different patient selection criteria, different stimulation protocols and different laboratory procedures. Also, embryo selection, testing and transfer protocols vary from center to center. All of these factors influence success rates.

There are two methods of reporting outcomes. The industry standard measure of IVF success rates is reported by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) for all U.S. Fertility centers. IVF New England has consistently achieved leading regional pregnancy and live birth rates for our IVF patients as measured by our SART data.

The complete 2013 SART Success Rate Report for IVF New England.

*A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.


Taking On Challenging Cases

At IVF New England, our physicians provide patients with an open, honest evaluation of the degree of difficulty in successfully treating their particular condition(s). With that information, we assure patients that we will do everything medically possible to help them be successful. Proceeding with treatment is the patient’s decision. We do not screen-out patients whose condition(s) might unfavorably affect our success rates; we welcome the opportunity to help as many couples as possible realize their dream.

Leading Elective Single Embryo Transfer Rates (eSET)

At IVF New England we are fiercely committed to doing everything that is best for Moms and babies -- using assisted reproductive technologies to help women have healthy pregnancies. Our proven protocols for stimulation and retrieval, laboratory procedures, and transfer decisions have consistently delivered high success rates, as can be viewed above in the clinical pregnancy rates from 2013.

Over the last several years, IVF New England has led regional efforts to increase the number of IVF cases choosing elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET).

The Highest Quality Patient Care and Satisfaction

From our first telephone conversation through every step of your individual fertility journey, our dedicated clinician teams and experienced staff are committed to providing exceptional patient care. We take the time to understand all the issues and concerns our patients bring to this process so we can provide the personalize service you deserve.  

An independent organization is used to survey our patients for honest, candid feedback about their experience with our facility and staff, and we take the results very seriously, incorporating the feedback into our Continuous Quality Improvement Program. Press Ganey, the national leader in health care patient satisfaction measurement, administers and evaluates our performance.

We are proud that our scores on more than 20 key performance indicators range from 93% to 97% of reaching that goal! Yet we are most proud of the fact that 95% of our patients would recommend us, which is the true testament to our success!

In summary, you need to look beyond the reported IVF success rates. Your individual prognosis may be better or worse depending on your diagnosis and treatment history.

At IVF New England our Formula for Success enables us to achieve the best possible birth outcomes, while providing the highest standard of care throughout the organization. Our award-winning fertility experts have a commitment to bring the most advance fertility treatments to our patients and provide personalized care to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.