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Ask for a Fertility Specialist Referral

Ask for a fertility specialist referral to insure you get the treatment you need.

Can your Ob/Gyn provide all of the fertility treatment help you may need? How can you advocate for an evaluation by an infertility expert?  Dr Kristen Wright, chief reproductive endocrinology specialist at IVF New England in New Hampshire, answers these questions.

Kristen Wright, MD is a New Hampshire fertility specialist doctor providing fertility screening and treatment for infertility at the IVF New England fertility clinics in Bedford, New Hampshire (also serving Southern Maine patients). Dr Wright also sees fertility patients at Lowell General Hospital Outpatient Services in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Dr. Wright is Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and the former Medical Director at the Reproductive Medicine Center at the University of Vermont Medical Center.