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Infertility Testing

Infertility testing is needed to identify the cause(s) of a couple’s trouble getting pregnant, which then helps determine the appropriate treatment options. 

Diagnostic testing takes place after your initial new patient visit, commencing with the beginning of your next menstrual cycle. Testing is divided into three categories. For the female partner, ovarian reserve needs to be determined through blood tests. The woman’s reproductive tract (uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries) is evaluated through radiologic and ultrasound tests. Both the female and male partner need blood work to screen for infectious and genetic diseases, and the male partner’s fertility health is evaluated through semen analysis.

Insurance generally covers this initial testing. The results of all the screening tests are required before we can submit to your insurance for a treatment cycle authorization or order your medications. A delay in testing can cause delays in medication and cycle approval by your insurance company. So it is important to complete all the tests the doctor orders as soon as possible after the initial consultation.