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When Fertility Treatment Isn't Working

Repeated infertility treatment is emotionally exhausting. Many couples want to know why treatment isn't working and what they can do.

when fertility treatment isn't workingWhen fertility treatment isn't working, it is important that your treatment plan is being constantly evaluated by your physician and that adjustments are made when necessary. With ovulation induction or intrauterine insemination cycles (IUI), it is generally recommended that not more than 3 cycles of a given treatment be performed before considering other options. This is because pregnancy rates with these types of treatments are relatively low, and if pregnancy has not occurred within the first 3 cycles, the chance of success becomes even lower.

With IVF cycles, there are a wide variety of protocols, medications and procedures that may benefit a patient. It is important when a cycle isn’t successful, that the treatment be thoroughly reviewed and adjustments made accordingly. Sometimes doses of medication need to be adjusted, other medication protocols need to be tried or additional procedures such as Assisted Hatching or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) need to be added to the treatment plan.

At IVF New England, each patient is viewed as an individual and treatment is optimized to benefit each unique patient. We have many patients that see us for second opinions after failed IVF cycles at other centers. The details of these failed cycles are always thoroughly reviewed by our physicians. Often, with appropriate adjustments to protocols, we are able to help these patients have successful pregnancies.