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Fertility Preservation Prior to Cancer Treatment

Boston and New England's Urgent Care Team for Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients includes IVF New England physician specialists, embryologists and nursing staff.

IVF New England is a member of the Fertile Hope program Our team is ready to provide an immediate response for patients who are seeking information  and/or services for fertility preservation due to a cancer diagnosis in which treatment will impact a woman’s future ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy.

Oncologist Referrals:
The American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine agree that the possibility of fertility preservation should be discussed with women of child-bearing age who are diagnosed with cancer and about to undergo treatment protocols that pose a risk to future fertility. The IVF New England Urgent Care Team can meet with oncology patients within days of their referral to discuss appropriate options.

Fertility Preservation Services at IVF New England include:

Freezing and thawing for therapeutic use:

  • Fertilized eggs (zygotes)
  • Eggs (oocytes)

State-of-the-Art Technology

  •  Cryopreservation/Vitrification


  • Accredited embryology lab; in operation 25 years
  • Egg freezing experience
  • Continuous quality improvement

Collaborative, Patient-Centered Care

  •  Working collaboratively with referring Oncologists to identify and apply appropriate hormonal stimulation

Patient satisfaction scores consistently high

Patient-Centered Price Plans

  • IVF New England offers compassionate-care price plans and is a provider in the LiveStrong Sharing Hope Program for Women (available to qualifying patients)

Fertility Preservation Urgent Care for female cancer patients: 800.858.4832